Writing for Wellbeing

As a writer and counsellor, Annie Barrett helps clients use the power of the pen to explore their inner and outer landscapes, encouraging personal exploration and enhancing wellbeing through a wide variety of themes teamed with short, creative, free-writing exercises.

Annie believes writing helps us make sense of our experiences, explore the messiness and wonder of our lives and discover hope and meaning in our experiences. She offers writing for wellbeing sessions with Byron Community College, Byron Writers Festival, the Sanctuary Byron Bay,Breast Cancer support groups, teachers, retirees, and other local groups.

Annie has also worked with hospice volunteers in Tasmania, and has also worked as a counsellor in women’s health, sexual health services and education, and disability services.

Annie has a Masters Degree in Counselling and Development and is a member of the writing for well-being association, Lapidus International.

Working with Raindrum clients, Annie helps support them to discover their own creativity, explore their unique writing voice and experience the fun and nourishment of creative writing.