Playing a vital and deeply personal role in our client’s recovery journey is masseuse Glenys Jennison.

Glenys brings decades of experience, skill and dedication to her role. “Massage is a way for clients to get in touch with their bodies and their feelings,” Glenys says. “It can be a powerful tool for release and relaxation. My massage is a full body relaxation experience, and I endeavour to leave clients in a peaceful state.”

Glenys has been massaging for over 40 years, and is also a highly sought-after yoga instructor. “I started working with a chiropractor in the late 70s,” she says “I completed my training with this chiropractor, as well as other complimentary courses over the years. I worked with chiropractors for many years - massaging clients before they received their adjustments. I then went on to run my own business, both travelling and working from home.”

This depth of experience has given Glenys the ability to fine tune her style, creating a massage experience that some Raindrum clients have described as “the best they have ever had”.

“I endeavour to meet each client as an individual and take into account their needs.”