Chef & Carer

“Food is life, love and art.”

Lucie Dawson is a Private Chef & Carer at Raindrum. She has over fifteen years experience as an accomplished Private Chef, which has taken her all around the world. 

Lucie believes the alchemy of food is so incredibly powerful. She is committed to creating food that is of the highest quality; it terms of its origins and how it is created. It is a proven fact that what we eat has the ability to alter our biology. Lucie believes that when we are eating well, we are thriving – not only on a physiological level but mentally and emotionally too.

Lucie has cooked for rehabilitation centres and retreats over the years, she has witnessed the miraculous transformation that takes place in people as they are rejuvenated through food. Food is much more than just sustenance and energy – food is thy medicine: powerfully restorative and preventative when used right.