Managing Director

A high achiever in the global financial services and investment industry, Raindrum Managing Director Mathew Simpson brings a commitment to excellence to Raindrum and First Light Healthcare.

Mathew and his partner, GP and Raindrum Clinical Director Dr Tonya Coren, took over Cape Byron Medical Centre (now First Light Healthcare) in 2016, transforming it to a multi-location, mixed-modality primary healthcare enterprise incorporating general practice, allied health, specialist centre and soon to launch day hospital.

Mathew and Tonya launched Raindrum in 2018, encapsulating their vision to provide targeted wellness solutions for discerning clients.

As a busy executive with a demanding career, Mathew says he knew the challenges of maintaining a healthy diet, exercise program and mental health. He searched for a comprehensive, preventive health and wellness program for professionals in a high-performance environment. Not finding one that he believed addressed all aspects of the human condition, Mathew brought together a team to create the ideal, total health model.