Equine Therapist

Raised and educated in Belgium, Maxime's passion for equine-assisted experiences took her to Australia, where she furthered her education at the renowned Equine Psychotherapy Institute in New South Wales. 

As a registered Counsellor with a diverse background in Sociology, Education, Counselling, Gestalt Therapy, Yoga, and Horsemanship, Maxime offers innovative, client-centred Equine Assisted Learning and Therapy that goes beyond traditional treatment methods and is suitable for those suffering from PTSD, anxiety, relationship trauma, burnout and other complex mental health conditions. 

Maxime's professional expertise, enriched by self-reflection and empathy and combined with her professional training, allows her to create keenly impactful experiences that resonate deeply with clients. With her extensive experience, Maxime excels at inspiring, motivating, and supporting clients through life’s challenges, helping them navigate their path toward personal or professional growth.