Riccardo Trossero

Riccardo Trossero


Raindrum chef Riccardo Trossero was born and raised in Italy where he says the relationship with the food is much more than simply eating.

“Preparing, cooking and eating food was a big part of socialising with family and friends. Eating good food gives joy and that made me want to become a chef - because it gives me the opportunity to give joy.”

At just 14, Riccardo decided to undertake the five-year chef's school course, where he learned his craft from inspirational professional chefs. “I learned so much about food and cooking techniques, it really helped me build my knowledge and skills.”

While professional training honed his skills, Riccardo believes history and heart is key to his success.

“I think the beauty of my cooking style is that I'm combining my grandmother's recipes with professional cooking techniques.” After many years working in the kitchens of great restaurants and hotels in Italy, Riccardocame to Australia and became a private chef.

“Cooking is my passion, and knowing that with that passion I can help people gives me a lot of satisfaction, pride and happiness. “My cooking is in the traditional Mediterranean style, based on a variety of fresh food.  “Working with Raindrum is a great pleasure because it gives me the opportunity to focus on providing a quality service that is different each time as we adjust to the needs of every client.

“The personalised programs make my job challenging and push me all the time to achieve the very best result.”