Personalised Recovery Programs for Depression and Anxiety at Raindrum Luxury Rehab

Addiction & dependency

Raindrum’s outcome-oriented addiction and dependency treatment programs address the complex web of deeply embedded experiences and traumas, and start by exploring the past, to help change the future for the better.

Medically-managed detox is the necessary first step in any addiction treatment program, and is the starting point to addressing the unique individual psychological, social, and behavioural issues associated with addiction. 

While the body is cleared of addictive substances, Raindrum’s team monitor and manage the physical and physiological effects of the abrupt cessation of drug or alcohol use. Medications are available to assist withdrawal. Following this detox, the individual treatment program begins.

Our drug and alcohol rehab programs are as unique as the people we treat, expertly tailored to each individual. We surround our clients with therapy and support, providing treatments and care without judgement or blame. 

We offer 24/7 medical and psychological care in a private and comfortable setting. 

Designed to nurture the mind, body and spirit, our exclusive programs combine clinical psychology and psychiatry, with a range of physical and experiential treatments to help you unlock the reasons for your addiction, and effect genuine behavioural change. 

Using evidence-based, outcome-oriented clinical approaches, our programs are tailored to respond to your individuality in a way that no other program does, to give you the help you need to change the present and the future.