Australia's best private residential rehab program. Discrete rehab programs for depression, anxiety, eating disorders, an other acute needs.


Raindrum’s relationship programs address the needs of couples, as well as inter-generational conflict (including family succession), and complex parent/child dynamics.

At the heart of every human experience are the relationships we form—relationships that can be complex and sometimes difficult to navigate. 

Whether addressing an acute issue, reducing conflict, or simply strengthening emotional bonds, our relationship programs are tailored to address the personal needs and goals of each client.

Using a combination of psychology and a range of allied and experiential treatments, our relationship programs are designed to provide the tools to heal and nurture, and ultimately sustain healthy, positive connections.

Fostering improved communication, greater insight and empathy, our evidence-based treatments, as well as physical and experiential therapies, provide a shared experience, and allow each client to have an opportunity to be heard and understood.