Raindrum has provided an evidence-based approach to private rehabilitation and preventative health programs for drug and alcohol misuse, anxiety, depression, vocational or executive stress, eating disorders and relationship problems

Vocational stress

Raindrum provides programs designed to identify potential personal and professional problems before they manifest, and include cultural and diversity awareness and sensitivity education, as well as rehabilitative programs to address acute situations.

Costing companies and individuals millions each year, vocational stress and burnout has far-reaching consequences for both businesses, and individuals who suffer a breakdown in physical and mental health. 

Vocational stress often leads to destructive behavioural patterns such as addiction and family relationship problems, which can quickly spiral out of control if not diagnosed and treated.

We offer preventative programs, that are designed to identify potential problems before they result in burnout, as well as rehabilitative programs to address acute situations in a crisis. 

Tailored to the individual client, our executive stress programs use high-level, outcome-oriented clinical approaches designed to respond to the demands of a corporate environment, while addressing the deeply personal issues at the heart of an individual’s experience.

Combining psychology and psychiatry, with a range of physical and experiential therapies, our executive stress programs uncover underlying causes and effects of burnout, and provide the necessary tools to live a balanced, successful life.

Programs can also include cultural and diversity awareness and sensitivity education.